Customers can come make their own ice cream rolls on the 14th and 15th this month (October) from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm at both locations.

Treat Yourself to Delicious Boba Tea and Ice Cream

Learn more about our fresh ingredients and products in Flemington, NJ

Kick back and relax with a refreshing boba tea and delicious ice cream rolls from Little Egypt Oasis LLC in Flemington, NJ. Our brand-new boba tea shop offers all your favorite drinks in unique and tasty flavors. Our founder has five years of experience in the industry, so you can trust our recipes for an authentic taste that leaves you satisfied.
Everyone is welcome at our boba tea and juice shop. We speak English, Spanish and Arabic and offer dietary alternatives, including non-dairy milk, so everyone finds what they're looking for.
Come check out our shop today. Don't forget to ask about our fruit ice cream rolls and discounts, including free delivery on orders over $40 and one free house special after spending at least $25.

Customize your ice cream or beverage however you want

Whether you've never had boba tea before or you're already a fan, you'll be impressed with the variety of ways you can personalize your yummy ice cream roll or beverage.

Choose from our customizations, like:

Tart or sweet flavor syrups for your boba tea

Classic or unique ice cream toppings

Fresh fruit juices for a smoothie or juice

Our shop offers all the fun ingredients you can think of for the perfect treat. Stop by our store right away to see our options for yourself.

Try one of our signature items

If you're craving a sweet treat, stop by our new shop in Flemington, NJ.

Our signature menu items include:

Let us know the flavors you're looking for and we'll help you create your special drink.